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Mr. VenkatJasti
CEO & Chairman
Suven Life Sciences Ltd

Mr.VenkatJasti is a Post Graduate in Pharmacy from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, and also a Post Graduate in Pharmacy from St. John University, New York, specializing in Industrial Pharmacy. Having registered himself as a Registered Pharmacist, he successfully owned and operated a chain (6) of community pharmacies in the state of NY and NJ from 1977 till 1989. He was the president elect of Essex County Pharmaceutical Society of N J in 1988.

He returned from USA to India in 1989 and promoted Suven in 1989. Since then, he been successfully managing the company as CEO providing the right direction and leadership in developing new innovative business models like CRAMS (Contract Research And Manufacturing Services), DDDSS (Drug Discovery & Development Support Services) which lead to Collaborative Research Partnership (CRP) in Drug Discovery with global Pharma giants like Eli Lilly while undertaking innovative Drug Discovery at Suven specializing in CNS arena.

Mr. Jasti was Chairman forPharmexcil (Pharmaceutical Export Promotion Council) till 2009 an exclusive statutory body for the promotion of exports of all pharma and biotech products which was set up by Govt. of India with the support of Govt of AP.

Mr. Jasti is the Chief architect for the formation of A.P. Chief Minister's taskforce for Pharma during 2001 and responsible for the creation of Pharma City at Vizag by Govt of Andhra Pradesh and Pharmexcil (Pharmaceutical Export Promotion Council) which is head quartered at Hyderabad.

Mr. Jasti has been the Past President of Indian Pharmaceutical Association, and Chairman of Local Organizing Committee for the 52nd Indian Pharmaceutical Congress held at Hyderabad and was President of Bulk Drug Manufacturers Association of India (BDMA) till September, 2004.

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