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Mr. Sachin Joshi
General Manager – Bioprocess,
GE Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.

Completed Masters in Bioprocess Technology from ICT (Formerly known as UDCT), Mumbai in 2001 and joined GE Healthcare as a Application Specialist for Lab / Industrial chromatography products. Has over 11 years experience in the Bioprocess Industry, presently working as General Manager – Bioprocess for GE Healthcare Life Sciences India.

In his current role, he is responsible for Bioprocess business of GE Healthcare Life Sciences in South Asia. Bioprocess business of GE Healthcare deals with supply of equipment & consumables for upstream and downstream processing for process development and production of Biopharmaceuticals.

In the past 11 years he has worked very closely with scientists in many of the Biopharma industries to enable them to develop chromatography processes for downstream purification of Proteins. He has been instrumental in developing many of the processes that are being engaged in Production of Bio-therapeutics for the past and present products in the Biotech industry.

He has successfully launched new brands for GE Healthcare in India like AKTApilot, AKTAprocess, Bioprocess HPLC, Cross Flow Filtration, Capto media platform, Axichrom columns, etc.

He has installed and packed many columns ranging from Lab scale to large process scale columns up to the size of 1200mm diameter. These columns include packed bed chromatography columns, Expanded Bed Adsorption columns and HPLC Columns.

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