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Mr. C. L. Rathi
Managing Director,
Advanced Enzymes

Mr. C. L. Rathi, is the visionary, whose vision catapulted Advanced Enzymes to become South-East-Asia's largest enzyme manufacturer. He setup Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd (the erstwhile Advanced Biochemical's Ltd) with a vision to make India self-sufficient in the growing field of enzymes. Such was his vision, that the plant commissioned in 1991 is till date South-East-Asia's largest enzyme manufacturing plant.

His initial steps into the world of enzymes began at the grass root level when he began cultivating papaya in partnership with a farmer and started manufacturing papain in 1978. He setup Advanced Biochemicals Ltd in 1989 and scouted the world for enzyme manufacturing technology. He landed a technical collaboration with a highly reputed Korean company and setup Advanced Biochemicals' Sinnar plant near Nashik at a total investment of $10 million. Such has been the progress in the last two decades, that today, governments from several leading nations are courting him to setup enzyme manufacturing plants in their respective countries.

Having brought Advanced Enzymes to the global stage, Mr. Rathi's biggest challenge today is human resource development. Transforming AETL from a promoter led company to a multi-enterpreneur driven, scalable global enterprise, is what he is slowly becoming successful at.

A stalwart in the field of enzymes, Mr. Rathi has been called upon for many special assignments by the government and the industry alike. A devoted disciple of H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Mr. Rathi has been leading several initiatives for The Art of Living Foundation as well.

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