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Mr. Anand Govindaluri
Founding Director,
GO-VIN Holdings,Singapore

Anand Govindaluri is the Founding Director of GO-VIN Holdings which is an Asia-centric investment advisory company headquartered in Singapore. GO-VIN Holdings is focused on investment advisory, seed investments and corporate social responsibility.

Anand Govindaluri is an investor by profession with 14 years of experience in investing in biomedical sciences and ICT companies globally. He focuses across the value-chain of investments - from deal sourcing, to conducting on-site due-diligence, serving on the boards of companies for strategic development and planning exit strategies. Anand serves as Chairman of the Board of Mobi2Fun Mobile Entertainment, a leading mobile gaming company in India; Industry Advisoy Board for Linkstar Microtronics, Singapore and Innovation Advisory Grant member of Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research & Technology in Singapore. He is also a Start-Up mentor appointed by Action Community of Entrepreneurship (ACE), Singapore and served as a Judge for Start-Up Chile, Start-Up Singapore and Lee Kuan Yew Business Plan Competition organised by SMU, Singapore.

Prior to starting GO-VIN, Anand served as Senior Vice President & Head of Investments and Spin-Off Management at Exploit Technologies, a member of Singapore Government's A*STAR (Agency for Science, Technology & Research) for 3 years, wherein he managed a portfolio of 40 hi-tech companies. Prior to joining A*STAR, Anand was at Temasek Holdings, Singapore where he has executed investments in more than 25 companies worldwide over 8 years. Some of his key investments include: Quintiles (USA), BioVex Inc (USA)-acquired by Amgen for $1billion, Mylan Labs (India/USA), Dr Reddy Labs (India), Medreich Limited (India), Idun Pharma(USA)-acquired by Pfizer, Agilix Inc (USA)-acquired by Perkin, Renovo (Manchester), Arpida (Basel), Intercell (Austria), Biosensors International (Singapore), Merlion Pharma (Singapore), etc.

Anand has a Masters' in Business Administration from the California State University East Bay, USA; Masters' in Biological Sciences from the National University of Singapore and Masters' in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology from G B Pant University, India.

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